NitroFlare has been providing thousands of users worldwide with one of the most popular file hosting services on its website for quite some time, with a no-nonsense offering, fast upload and download times and a subtle, easy-to-use interface.

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Registration process

The creation of an account at NitroFlare is of course basically free and simple, only the email address and a password are required for the process, once the account is created, details such as username and payment methods can be specified, as well as other settings such as changing and refining the account data or an overview of all account details, a NitroFlare dashboard is available to each registered user, which is graphically clearly arranged and structured.


Upload and download options

Uploading a file can be done either directly through the browser, as’remote’ via HTTP link or via FTP, for the latter option NitroFlare provides a lot of support, such as creating an FTP account, setting up the required client, etc. The download is basically the same for all files, but for some exceptions, such as video files, NitroFlare offers the option of streaming instead of the usual direct browser download.

There are several third-party download managers available, some of them free of charge, which are compatible with NitroFlare.

Standard Accounts

The free standard accounts at NitroFlare leave almost every feature open to the user, but not without certain restrictions, for example the download speed is reduced a little like it is usual with many other Freemium filehosters.

On the other hand, standard users have the same access to FTP features and cloud storage as owners of a more expensive premium account.

Premium Accounts

The premium account at NitroFlare is exactly what it sounds like: A paid upgrade that offers users additional features to the existing standard account for an extra charge, including unlimited download speed, priority support and the removal of any advertising.

Unlike most alternatives in the file hosting scene, this premium account is not paid for by a subscription but by a one-time payment; NitroFlare refers to premium coupons that are redeemed for a certain period of time and must be replaced by a new coupon upon expiration; coupons ranging from 2 days for $10 to one year for $90 are available; the features included in each coupon are the same and the use of the

account typeAvailable cloud storageProfit from banners and referralsPrerequisite
Registered User500 GB5%Successful registration, bestätigte e-mail address and at least one uploaded file
pro user10 TB5%At least one download per day
webmaster500 GB10%A website, blog or forum independent of NitroFlare, where you can advertise NitroFlare through affiliate links.
pro webmaster10 TB10%Same as Webmaster

Payment methods

In order to be as flexible and versatile as possible for the user, NitroFlare supports a whole range of permissible payment methods for the activation of a premium account.

  • Credit Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Yandex
  • Qiwi
  • Paysafecard

For security reasons PayPal and similar alternatives are not available.


Affiliate system and other account options

In addition to the standard features above, NitroFlare also offers an optional affiliate system.

Instead of distributing an affiliate link to all its users and rewarding those who have made as many other users aware of the service as possible with this link, Nitroflares version is based on individual files: To become an affiliate NitroFlares, you must first upload and publish a file on the service by adding a NitroFlare link to a website outside itself; those users who want to download this file through the link will be asked to make a paid upgrade to a

As long as users do so, NitroFlare benefits from downloads of this kind and transfers a portion of their profits to the affiliate, which can be used to cover the costs of a premium account, for example, and an affiliate referrals whose profits also flow back to the original affiliate as long as they are active as affiliates.

In addition to the dual account choice between Standard and Premium, NitroFlare also offers other account types, which influence how much data the user is allowed to use, how much cloud storage he gets and finally also how much profit he gets from his referrals.

AccounttypVerfügbarer CloudspeicherProfit von Werbebannern und ReferralsVorraussetzung
Registrierter User500 GB5%Erfolgreiche Registrierung, bestätigte E-mail-Addresse und mindestens eine hochgeladene Datei
Pro-User10 TB5%Mindestens einen Download pro Tag
Webmaster500 GB10%Eine von NitroFlare unabhängige Webseite, ein Blog oder ein Forum, auf dem Werbung für NitroFlare mittels Affiliate-Links geschaltet werden kann
Pro-Webmaster10 TB10%Gleich wie Webmaster

In addition to these account types, NitroFlare also offers switchable affiliate plans that determine how large the affiliate’s profit share is. 70% of the total profit of each’click’ is received by the affiliate link in the standard A-Plan.

The following payout options are supported:

  • Paypal (minimum payout amount: $100)
  • WebMoney (minimum payout amount: $100)
  • Payoneer (minimum payout amount: $500)
  • Bank transfer (minimum payout amount: 500€)

Nitroflare Support

For quick support, NitroFlare has its own Help Center, similar to a traditional FAQ, where users’ questions and their answers are publicly presented to everyone, so there is no need to go through troubleshooting on an individual basis for particularly common problems; if the Help Center is not enough, you can contact NitroFlare directly through a simple form integrated into the website; an email address at is also available at any time.

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